What to Expect: Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisory Services

What to Expect: Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisory Services – Singapore is a big market for real estate players. There are many people around the world who come to Singapore and want to take advantage of the real estate market to make money from the booming economy. Singapore is a small nation with very limited land space. With such limitation, the property prices around the island has been only going on way, upwards. This is exceptionally true for those in the city area near the Central Business District and Shopping District. The real estate property price has seen such a sharp climb in the past two decades that the Singapore government has placed many cooling measures to ensure that the real estate market doesn’t become a bubble and risk pulling the entire economy along in a tailspin.

With the economy going strong and the real estate market not slowing down a single bit, the Singapore Mortgage Advisory space has also been a strong space for many people who are in this trade. For anyone who owns a property, you will usually want to take advantage of the Mortgage Refinancing function every 2 to 3 years. This is especially true for those who are looking to ensure that they are paying the least in interest and maximizing the growth of their capital in a real estate purchase. Singapore Mortgage Advisors work with more than 16 banks in Singapore to provide the best rates and also to sit down with their clients to give the best advice based on your personal situation and conditions to give you the best tailored Singapore Home Loan Broker advice.

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So when you start working with a Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisor, you can expect:

What to Expect: Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisory Services

1. Best rates from 16 over banks in Singapore

The promise of the home loan advisor is that they will compare across all the banks and find out what are the best rates and also what is available across all of the banks. There are so many different types of packages, such as 2 , 3 or 5 years packages and they use board rates, interbank rates or even SIBOR rates. This is very confusing for the average consumer who just wants to get a loan at the lowest rates possible and as risk free as possible.

For a mortgage consultant, he or she will get updates from their company and also their respective bankers on the latest rates and also how they will factor out. This will be done and updated to their customers so that customer can decide what to go after when they are choosing the home loan packages that will work for them.

Also with training, the Mortgage Loan Broker in Singapore can give you advice of what is best for your particular situation. For example, you wish to upgrade or move house soon, then there are banks that do not have penalty if you sell within lock-in period. Or you will like to reprice when the time and rates are right.

Find out more from them before you move ahead.

If you are an individual that does not have much time to compare across 16 banks, you can speak to us because we do that one a regular basis.


2. Give advice based on your current financial or location situation

The fact is, you might not know if you can or cannot get a loan. This is a problem because of the government introduction of Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR). The TDSR requirement, has caused many people to get stuck and unable to do a Mortgage Refinancing because they are not making enough income to get the loan that they desire. The banks cannot really work around this either because of strict rules from the government. They are alternative methods that the Mortgage Advisor might be able to advice based on your specific situation and case by case reviews.

For the Singaporean based in a foreign land or a Foreigner who previously owned a Singapore property and wishing to refinance to save up on the outlay and maximizing their income in the long term, the Home Loan Broker can be a good asset and support to your investment gains.


3. Fast processing and quick response time

When you go straight to the banks, they will usually take some time because you will have to passed along the lines of the customer service representatives and then reaching an assigned person. When you work with a Mortgage Broker from Avant Consulting, you will be assigned to someone straight away and will speak to you about your requirements and also your needs.

We work closely with the bankers that handles our cases, so expect to get a quick response and also fast turn around time. Instead of waiting to be assigned someone internally, you will not be disappointed.

For the Mortgage Loan Broker to move fast and also to find out what is best for you, you will definitely enjoy the best service standards.

This is also something that makes a big difference especially if there are special promotions that are coming about and you want to take advantage of it!


4. Alerts and Updates from Mortgage Loan Advisory Broker

The fact that you have someone wanting to work with you to give you the best Mortgage Rates is the benefit of updates from the broker on a regular basis.

Our brokers will keep in contact with you from the moment you link up with us and will update you on the potential good rates that you can take advantage of and to refinance or get a new loan based on those rates.

The Mortgage Loan Advisory Broker will like to ensure that you make the best decisions based on the lowest available rates and also in favor of your financial plans and goals.

We will love to make sure you are up to date on the latest and the most competitive rates.

When you are ready to Refinancing your home loan or get a new home loan, you can immediately contact us for the most competitive rates.


5. Promotional rates and cash grants when you work with a Property Loan Broker

Sometimes, the banks will work closely with us to give the best rates for a certain time of product.

This will translate into better promotions such as cash grants for our customer that work closely with us from the banks itself!

You may not be able to receive such information from normal routes as marketing does not exactly reach you for such purposes.

We have updates from the bank and all this home loan details from them on a regular basis!

There are also other benefits if you are a privilege banking client of that particular bank and we are very happy to serve you on this.


Avant Consulting Pte Ltd is the leading SME Loan Brokering company in Singapore. We have recently also engaged in Mortgage Loan Brokering Services for our clients and look forward to assisting our clients in financing needs. Avant Consulting also works closely with our sister division, Avant Mortgage to provide Mortgage & real estate loan consultancy.

Avant Consulting is working closely with business consultants that provide the following:

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We look forward to working with you to plan your Mortgage and also how we can assist you to save up on interest rates through our Singapore Mortgage Loan Brokering Services.

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What to Expect: Singapore Mortgage Loan Advisory Services