Taking advantage of a Singapore Loan Expert for your SME Loan

Taking advantage of a Singapore Loan Expert for your SME Loan – There are many reasons that a business owner can and should consider a Singapore Loan Expert for their SME loan & Business loan needs.

If you are following how the economy is faring in the couple of months starting from 2020, we are experiencing one of the worst recessions that the nation has ever seen. Since the birth of the modern Singapore since 1965, we have not met with such a tough recession and downturn as compared to the past.

Singapore through the Monetary Authority of Singapore has slashed interbank lending rates and will be using its Enterprise Singapore arm to cover the risk of loaning to Singapore SMEs through their Temporary Bridging Loan (TBL) to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) tide through.

SME Loans are at an unprecendented rate of 1.3% per annum and for those that have good relationship with the banks or with higher quantum they can get even lower. With such low rates, many businesses have been using it to pay for rental and salary when they are seeing close to zero revenue with no operation or much depreciated operation.

Through an SME Loan Expert in Singapore like Avant Consulting, one of the best advantage is that you will be able to get access to a range of banks and with the best rates guaranteed. We have strong tie ups with the banks.

The Government and also Avant Consulting is expecting the economy to be soft for quite an extended period because this slowdown is not just in Singapore but also globally. Singapore is highly exposed to how the world economy performs because of our dependence on trading. This is something that has been clear when we saw the 2008 slowdown hitting us.

If you require help with your Singapore SME Loan by working with a SME Loan Expert, you can speak to us for a free consultation and also find out what can you qualify for. If you require help with your Mortgage Loan Refinancing, you can speak to us as well.

Taking advantage of a Singapore Loan Expert for your SME Loan