Singapore Working Capital Loans & Business Term Loans Financing

Singapore Working Capital Loans & Business Term Loans Financing – Working Capital Loans are loans that support a business’s day-to-day functioning needs.  They can be used to cover rental and raw material costs, payroll and even the business’s debt. As such, they serve many purposes to businesses, and tend to be unsecured loans as well.

Provided through the government’s Enterprise Singapore, you are able to use this loans for your cash flow and expansion purposes. Working Capital Loans have across the years become one of the most popular ways of getting low interest rates and easy to return loans from the banks in Singapore through their bank loan arrangements.

Learn more about the Working Capital Loans Singapore official information through Enterprise Singapore website here: https://www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/financial-assistance/loans-and-insurance/loans-and-insurance/enterprise-financing-scheme/sme-working-capital/overview

Business Term Loans, on the other hand, support a business in acquiring fixed assets like real estate, and equipment. They are too unsecured, usually long-term in nature and tend to be granted to businesses with optimistic financial conditions.

Did you know?

Singapore Working Capital Loan and Business Term Loans offer borrowers the greatest degree of flexibility due to their collateral-free nature. Yet, it is also due to this collateral-free nature, that Working Capital and Business Term Loans have one of the highest interest rates.

Singapore Working Capital Loans & Business Term Loans Financing

But fear not, for here at Avant Consulting, we go the extra mile in assisting our clients in clinching Working Capital & Business Term Loans with the lowest possible interest rates.

With new changes, you can get up to $300,000 in Working Capital Loans.

With the initial budget that was announced in February, we saw an increase of the funds to $600,000 per SME company.

With the latest resilience budget, the funds have increased to a $1 million for those that can get the loans from the banks and have the financial means of doing so.

You can use this funds for business expansion and asset purchases to grow your business or in the current Covid-19 climate, to use it for funding your businesses through the tough times and get out of cash flow issues.

Work with us to improve your loan quantum and lower rates. We don’t stop till you are satisfied.

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Singapore Working Capital Loans & Business Term Loans Financing