Commodities Trade Line Financing

Commodities Trade Line Financing – Commodities trading is a big part of the Singapore financial markets. Singapore being located in a core location for international trade between China and the rest of the world makes it a great location to perform trading roles.

Singapore is also the central location before one can move around South East Asia making it a great location of setting up a trade business.

Setting up & Incorporating a Singapore company is also very easy for anyone who wishes to start trading here.

With such a good location and strong financial standing, Singapore is naturally the key location for many Commodities trading companies to be based in.

Commodities trading usually covers the buying and selling of instruments such as gas, oil, metals such as silver and gold and other soft commodities such as Cocoa, Coffee, Wheat and Sugar.

In fact, commodities trading is much older than the financial markets that we know. Where it started in Europe in 1500s.

Most common forms of commodity trading includes:

  1. Commodities Trade Line Financing - Energy
    Energy market such as oil and gas
  2. Commodities Trade Line Financing - Metal
    Metals Market such as silver, gold, platinum and copper


  3. Commodities Trade Line Financing - Agricultural
    Agricultural market such as corn, soybean, wheat, coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa

If you are a trading company based in Singapore, you may be interested in work on increasing your volume of trade through financing from financial institutions and banks. This allows your business to grow much faster than it would ordinarily be able to.

Commodities Trade Line Financing is a specialized topic that requires specialized skills to consult and improve your chances of approval. You will also need to make strategic changes to improve your business strength.

Avant Consulting works closely with a Commodities banker with close to a decade of Commodities financing background and is able to assist you in acquiring the financing that you need to spread your wings in the Commodities trading market.

If you require consultancy and help in your trade line application for the Commodities market, you can speak to Tommy, +65 98638665 to schedule a meeting. We will liaise and prepare you for the meeting with our Commodities Trade Line Financing consultant to begin your journey to making more profits with more financing.