Hire Purchase

In a Hire Purchase agreement, buyers pay a  down payment and the remaining amount with interest over installments. Hire Purchase agreements are put down for merchandise and expensive goods. The buyer only officially and legally possesses the good after complete payment is made. Hire purchases are generally popular among newly established firms who have yet

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Industrial Property Loan Financing

Need more industrial property or factories? Our Industrial Property Loans services are here to help. Get your industrial property loans at the lowest interest rates possible. Better still, we pledge to clinch the highest quantums available for your business and a loan tenor that you are comfortable with. Contact us today to find out more

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Commercial / Shophouse Property Loan

Avant Consulting’s Commercial Property Loans offer you one of the most attractive loan packages in town. Get your office premises, shophouses and business property at the lowest interest rates available, highest quantums and flexible loan tenures. Read on to find out more about our loan, and speak to our consultants today.

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Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing can be extremely daunting. You try to ease your financial burden by replacing your current loan with another, but how sure are you that you are getting the better end of the stick? Hidden costs, longer loan tenors and additional expenses are some of the most common grouses among borrowers who refinance, so

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Housing Development Board (HDB) Residential Financing

Are you a prospective newlywed, head over heels in love with your partner and looking for a matrimonial abode of blissfulness? Or are you a single who’s not ready to mingle, but still wants a shelter where you can relish in your world of freedom and peace? Or even still, are you a senior in

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Private Residential Financing

Condominiums, Executive Condominiums and Landed Property– everybody dreams of owning them. But good things don’t come easy. The average two-room condominium in Singapore is priced at S$1.26m, an average executive condominium is sold at S$725k while one of the cheapest landed houses in Singapore is priced at S$1.2m. (All figures are approximate figures only, no

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Singapore Working Capital Loans & Business Term Loans Financing

Working Capital Loans are loans that support a business’s day-to-day functioning needs.  They can be used to cover rental and raw material costs, payroll and even the business’s debt. As such, they serve many purposes to businesses, and tend to be unsecured loans as well.

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