How does a SME Loan Consultant in Singapore help your business

How does a SME Loan Consultant in Singapore help your business – Are you a business that has been running for a year or two. Starting up a business is one of the toughest thing anyone will probably experience in their life time. Starting up on your own with no much experience in how to run a business and also having no idea to how to expand your business can be one of the challenging but fun things that you will do. Running a business needs financing and a lot at it. Especially at the start up phase when things are unstable and you will need to slowly build it up through branding and marketing related purposes.

Running any business will require the help of some working capital. Most founders will either use their own savings or borrow from friends and family to start off their business. Some other founders have the privilege of raising funds from people who have some wealth and are able to bet on them to make a big return for them. With such funding, most founders usually can last for a few months if not the budding years.

How does a SME Loan Consultant in Singapore help your business

When things start to get tough, some business may not have the luxury of getting more from their investors, friends or family. Businesses that have a longer gestation period will definitely start getting into some form of cash flow issues within a year. This is the point where you either get some external funding or you will go under and going under after throwing in a few years of hard work will be something that most people will not want to go through. Businesses will prefer to work closely with organizations that will be able to provide them with support to help them to get business financing for the continuous growth of the business.

Business financing options are as old as businesses themselves. Banks are the most commonly used options with many other legal money lenders out there that can assist you albeit with higher interest rates than the banks. SME Loan Consultants & Advisers are people who have a long term experience in this field of business financing and are familiar with rates and also requirements to ensure the highest approved quantum for loan with the lowest interest rates and processing fees. Not only that, they work closely with you to help you also re-finance some of your old and bad loans because you might have been charged way higher rates by your bankers who might know that you are not too sure about the loaning industry and thus charge you higher.

So what are the things you need to consider when you hire a SME Loan Consultant in Singapore assist you with your loan application process.

Get in touch with a Singapore SME Loan Consultant / Advisor

You can find a SME Loan Advisor through contacts or through an online search. Check out for good reviews that will show that this broker works well with their customers and therefore receives good reviews on their public domains.Each consultant has their own strength so you should speak to them and see if they are knowledgeable before you kick off the project with them.

Let us assess your situation and also your needs

Speak to the consultant that comes by your office to find out what are your requirements and difficulties. Be honest with your broker. He/She is like a doctor, we are here to help you, so if you do have some bad incidents with any financial institutions, inform us early so we can work closely to acquire the best options for you.Each case is different since no two businesses and business owners are the same. If the broker is overly confident on delivering the funds, you should be slightly aware of over-promising.

Loan Advisers will also have to work closely with your requirements for expansion, if the amount we sourced for you is not enough for your expansion then there is no point to go about. But at the same time this can be done with various organizations at the same time for you to get the max loans you can get to get the best returns on your investment needs.

Acquiring the best options for you

After knowing your requirements and difficulties, we will seek help from our close contacts of financial institutions to tailor make a proposal for you to review, if you are keen on the proposed figures, we will work with them again to make sure that their rates and fees are at the lowest.We work for you, so we will want to ensure you win in the long term with the lowest rates and fees. We want you to ensure the best returns when it comes to acquiring good financing and also with the help of us as your advisers for Business Loans.

If you are too busy with your business, the best options that we present will definitely go a long way when you are paying less fees and also lower interest rates.

Proceed to acquire the financing help

Once you give an approval for the option that you want to take for your financing needs, you will sign the official documents with the financial institutions and get the financing you need for your business. Ensuring the smooth release of the funds and also timely manner is what the Loan Consultant will ensure for you through a follow up process with them and also checking in for any further requirements or lacking documents.

Loan consultants will also work through any difficulties along the way if there are with the financial institutions. Once your funds are disbursed, you get a call from your consultant for the confirmation.

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Why should you then consider using a SME Loan Consultant & Advisor since there is a small fee attached to it:

Saves you the hassle

Most business owners are not only the Chief Executive, they are also the ones that are running the sales and marketing and also administrative departments of a company. Someone who is wearing so many hats do not have much time to be working on talking to all the banks and financial institutions and trying to find out which one has the lowest rates and also negotiating with the officers to make sure you get the best deals.

Most people will believe they can do it but the process will take so many weeks it might not even be worth the time at all.We have networks and contacts with all the necessary financing options that not only provide us with the best rates because of the bulk deals we do with them but also we make sure we are up to date with latest packages from each organization and offer you the best one that you can find.

Business owners should be focusing on what makes them more revenue and leave the paper work and administrative work to consultants like us!

Works for your best benefits

Because we work for you, we definitely make sure you have the best benefits. Some organizations run on commissions so if they have much higher fees they can charge you, they will so that they can hit their KPIs. We work for you closely so we ensure in the long run when clearing your term loans, you gain from the lower interest and fees and enjoy the best terms you can when it comes to getting financing help for your business.

Always remember if you go direct to bankers, they might not be working for your benefits but if you work with us Loan Consultants, we will have to do that for you.

Saves you money

Working with a SME Consultant will usually save you more money overall as compared to doing it yourself. We work closely with the institutions and therefore will be able to liaise and get better rates for SMEs then if you go straight to the banks yourself. This is the reason why loan brokers are able to carve out a good advantage for you in the tough market conditions.

With lower rates and interest rates, the fees you pay in terms of consultancy services will definitely be worth every cent.


Avant Consulting Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading SME Loan Consultancy and SME Loan Advisory company. We work closely with most of the banks and financial institutions in Singapore to ensure that our clients get the best deals in Singapore. We help save you the time and hassle, acquire the best rates and provide consultancy to ensure that you can get the long term benefits of working closely with a professional in this field. Sit down with us through an appointment set with us and we will be glad to work with you to acquire one of the best rates in town.

We work closely with banks such as DBS, Citibank, UOB and many more to get the best rates for you. Here is a list of banks in Singapore, if you are keen to know more about Singapore Banks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_banks_in_Singapore

If you are not ready or will wish to be ready for it when you need it can also be something that we will like to work closely with you on.

We look forward to working with you and your businesses and partners to deliver the best rates and highest quality of service.

Avant Consulting also works with SMEs to assist with government grants and other forms of SME services. If you are keen to learn more you should speak to us on how you can get the help you need as an entrepreneur in Singapore.

Call our sales and loan consultant Tommy at +65 9752 9796 or Nicole at +65 9092 5632 now so that you can discuss some of your best options for financing.

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How does a SME Loan Consultant in Singapore help your business