Working Capital Loans

Used for business cash flow and working capital purposes to help grow your business. Working Capital Loans are supported by the Singapore government to maintain low interest rates and fees.

Business Term Loans

Business term loans are provided by Banks and Financial Institutions to assist in your business expansion and cash flow requirements. Term Loans are the best way to grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Property Mortgage Loans

Looking to buy commercial or industrial property for own use or investment purpose, use mortgage loan for such purposes. Refinance your Mortgage Loans to reduce your monthly and total output

Equipment Financing

Equipment hire purchase loans for your heavy duty equipment or office equipment. Assets that can be used to back the loans will allow you to get preferred rates and help in your business expansion & asset building purposes.

Trade Lines & Financing

Trading companies in need of some trade financing for your products imports and exports. This allows you to free up cash flow for other business functions not related to trade.

Equity Loans

Have a need for financing and have a property to act as security? Equity loans are best for to extra cash and use it cash flow purposes for your business needs and requirements.

Loans for Singapore Business & Property.Singapore Business Loans made easy & fuss-free


We consult our customers in best practices for SME Business Terms Loans & Financing options.

Our property customers that require Mortgage Loans & Mortgage Refinancing also work with us closely to get the best rates.

We work closely with each client to tailor their financial options to their individual corporate needs and minimize fees & interest rates for them.

We reduce the trouble customers have to go through to acquire financing

Avant Consulting Pte Ltd was Founded in Singapore in 2013 by our Director Tommy Koh, we provide loan & management consultancy advice for our clients.

Director Nicole joined us in 2019 to expand our Singapore Business Loan Brokerage Services to offer Working Capital & Business Term Loans to reach out to more SME clients in Singapore through the provision of our Business Financing Consultancy Services.


We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital through Bank Term Loans, Property Mortgage & Working Capital Loans. In this time and age, capital is what business needs to grow and expand. Cash Flow is the blood of business and we want to assist you to improve the operations of your business. Good advice from our Singapore SME Loan Brokers can assist you to get a better quantum and also better rates. We also save customers the time to compare across various institutions when planning their business financing needs. Contact us to find out how we can provide SME Loan Consultancy Services for your business.

We do not have a specific industry that we help. As Singapore SME Loan Brokers, we know that every industry is unique, with our many years of experience in the finance line, we are able to give advice on how best to raise capital through various financing options.

We work with you on your needs. We source the funds for you through our various partners and private investors / loaners.

The decision is yours on which option to take up and what best fits you.



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