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We consult customers in best practices for SME Loans & Financing options. Getting loans from the banks can be confusing, you will probably have an easier time working with our Advisers based on your requirements.

Our property customers that require New Home Mortgage Loans & Mortgage Refinancing also work with us closely to get the best property loan rates.

We work closely with each client to tailor options to their corporate and individual needs and minimize fees & interest rates for them through best Singapore SME Loan expert advice.

We also assist Commodity Trading companies with Singapore Commodity Trade Financing.

Avant Consulting Pte Ltd was Founded in Singapore in 2013 by our Director Mr Tommy Koh, providing Business Grant Consultancy and Digital Marketing advise to SMEs & Startups.

Fast Forward to 2019, Mr Koh decided to expand our Services to offer SME Bank Loans & Business Term Bank Loans Advisory to reach out to more SME clients in Singapore.

Under our new Mortgage Loan Division, we also provide advise on Residential, Industrial & Commercial Mortgage Loan for new purchases and Mortgage Refinancing.


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We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise funds through financing, Property Mortgage & Working Capital Loans. In this time and age, capital is what business needs to grow and expand.

Cash Flow is the blood of business and we want to assist you to improve the operations of your business. Good advice from our experts can assist you to get a better loan quantum and also better rates.

We also save customers the time to compare across various institutions when planning their business financing needs. SME Loan Corporate Financing should be easy to access and in this climate an important part to business survival. Let us help you through this by getting your business financing in Singapore.

Through our sister division Avant Mortgage, we also assist customers as Singapore Mortgage Loan Brokers to help our customers with their Residential, Commercial or Industrial Property Mortgage Loans in Singapore. Refinance your Property Loans with us at the best lowest rates now!

The simplest and clearest way to explain why you should hire a Singapore SME Corporate Loan Broker is the following:

  1. SME Bank Loan Brokers save you a lot of time because we have direct contact with bankers, we are able to chase them for a response on a case (as compared to working through the official route), instead of reaching out to customer service representatives and told to email them when you call. This means faster approvals and faster disbursements.
  2. You do not need to negotiate for best rates, we have large volume so the bankers that support us will give the best loan rates they can offer straight up. We will also reduce or negotiate away any fees that the banks may implement.
  3. We, as your SME Loan Broker can reach out to all 16 banks and 16 temporary bridging loan participants straight away, instead of you reaching out to them individually. This saves you the trouble of speaking to 16 representatives.

We do not have a specific industry that we help. As Singapore SME Bank Loan Brokers, we know that every industry is unique, with our many years of experience in the finance line, we are able to give advice on how best to raise capital through various financing options.

We also do not just work with banks to acquire bank loans only, we work with financial institutions and licensed money lenders to ensure that we are able to fit the client’s needs and requirements. We also recently started to bridge clients to Invoice Factoring firms to support their business cash flow and helping them get funding from Singapore Invoice Factoring firms.

With the COVID-19 crisis going on, Avant Consulting is focusing mainly on the retail, F&B and tourism industry to help them acquire SME Business Bank Term Loans to tide through this tough period with our Loan Brokering Services.

We work with you on your needs. We source the funds primarily through Singapore Bank Loans providers and Singapore licensed financial institution for you through our various partners and private investors / loaners.

If you are looking to expand or buy over businesses and require additional funding, we might be able to help on a case-by-case basis.

The decision is yours on which option to take up and what best fits you.

Yes, we have worked with over 200 mortgage loan clients to provide timely and lowest rate mortgage advise for them. We assist them to get their documents submitted fast and take advantage of promotional prices that may come about from time to time. Talk to our loan brokers for best rates today!

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